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Exclusive: See the artwork and tracklist for Mission Of Burma's new album Unsound

It's been 10 years since American post-punk institution Mission Of Burma reunited, and the band remains perhaps the best example of a group that got back together and picked up right where it left off. MOB's journey continues with Unsound, which will be released July 9. And, thanks to this A.V. Club exclusive, you can check out the artwork and tracklist below. We also have the previously released opening track from the record, "Dust Devil," available for your listening pleasure.


01. Dust Devil
02. Semi-Pseudo-Sort-Of Plan
03. Sectionals In Mourning
04. This Is Hi-Fi
05. Second Television
06. Part The Sea
07. Fell—>H2O
08. ADD in Unison
09. 7's
10. What They Tell Me
11. Opener

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