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Perhaps you recall last year's A.V. Undercover "Summer Break" series, in which we took bands to exotic outdoor locations and asked them to cover summer-themed songs. Scott Lucas—you might know him from Local H—and his band The Married Men tackled "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama at Chicago's legendary Novelty Golf, while Sean O'Neal and I putted in the background. Well, the band worked so hard on the cover that they decided to record a studio version of the song, which will serve as the lead track on a new EP due out on Tuesday. The Cruel Summer EP features six songs, and will be available digitally or as a seven-inch single. The band also made a crazy-ass video for the title track, including some of the footage from A.V. Undercover, and lots of meat. Says Lucas: “Bunuel, Kenneth Anger, and David Lynch are the obvious influences here, but there's some Risky Business and Elvis Costello album covers in there, too. Someone called it Tree Of Life with meat. And, though I think that's an insult to Terrence Malick, I suppose it's fair. This video is just what summer is to me, I guess: burning flesh and vaguely Satanic rituals.” You can check out the new video below, and the Undercover video below that. But first, tour dates!


6/27 Chicago The Hideout Inn

7/24 Louisville, KY Zanzabar

7/27 Indianapolis, IN Do317 Lounge

7/28 Toledo, OH Frankie’s Inner City

7/31 Cleveland, OH Beachland Tavern

8/2 Pittsburgh, PA The Smiling Moose

8/3 Philadelphia, PA North Star Bar

8/4 Lancaster, PA Chameleon Club

8/6 Washington, DC Hill Country Barbecue

8/7 New York, NY Santos Party House

8/8 Allston, MA Great Scott

Scott Lucas & The Married Men cover Bananarama


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