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Holiday specials are a time-honored yearly tradition, and this year Nickelodeon is taking full advantage of our love for tradition with its Ho Ho Holiday Special. Airing later this week on the kids network, the Ho Ho Holiday Special features the casts of a number of Nick shows like Game Shakers, Bella & The Bulldogs, and Henry Danger extolling the virtues of the holiday via a massive, hour-long variety special. As the stars of the show quickly discover, though, it’s not all fun and games. Turns out the special was devised by a “mysterious stranger” who’s forcibly subjecting the casts to “various holiday-themed obstacles and challenges” if they ever want to be able to leave the party and return to their holly jolly holiday homes. We have a sneaking suspicion Santa’s probably involved, somehow, but we won’t know until 8 p.m. Eastern on December 5, when the show airs. A.V. Club readers can get a first look at the special in an exclusive clip we’re ho-ho-hosting below. Consider it our gift to you.


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