Newsreaders, the Childrens Hospital spin-off that does for 60 Minutes what Childrens Hospital does for Grey’s Anatomy, returns to Adult Swim this fall for a second season of fake news and faker reporters. And now, thanks to this A.V. Club exclusive (he wrote, turning thoughtfully-yet-approachably toward camera 2), you’ll know the exact date and time of that premiere: Thursday, October 23 at midnight. Is that the midnight that marks the beginning of Thursday, October 23, or the midnight that signals its end? Don’t look at us—we’re journalists, not time scientists. (But it’s the latter.)

Not only will the show have a new host in Firefly’s Alan Tudyk, but season two also reportedly features 100 percent more David Hasselhoff holding a bidder’s paddle. To confirm these rumors, The A.V. Club turned to the image of Hasselhoff conveniently bookending the tenxt of this article. What auction item is the legendary star of Knight Rider/the soaring voice of German re-unification bidding on? What could it be that’s making him so happy? And what’s the significance of the number 9? Learn the answers to these questions (or don’t—you don’t have to listen to us, we’re not your dad) and more during Newsreaders’ second season—which begins, again, on October 23.