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Exclusive: Michael Shannon and Jeff Tweedy admire The Sexiest Elbows In Rock

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Back in September Chicago’s Split Single announced its new album, Metal Frames. Coming November 18, the record is the band’s second, once again showing that Jason Narducy is a skilled frontman, even if he’s often best known for playing bass for Bob Mould and Superchunk. But this November won’t just bring the the world Metal Frames, it’ll coincide with the release of two episodes of The Sexiest Elbows In Rock, a superlative Narducy is proud to hold.

The A.V. Club has an an exclusive first-look at the trailer for The Sexiest Elbows In Rock, which sees folks like Michael Shannon, Jeff Tweedy, Frank Black, Sharon Van Etten, and countless others coming together to stump for Narducy’s handsome hinges. Keep an eye out for the full episodes this November, and pre-order Metal Frames now.

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