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Exclusive Marvel preview: Heroes unite against The Abundant Glove in Howard The Duck #5

The Infinity Gauntlet is a very silly concept. It’s a glove that grants its wearer unlimited power when it is activated by six gems, an idea whose goofiness is intensified by its importance in the Marvel Studios movies, which aim for a level of realism that is at odds with the wildly fantastic weapon. Writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Joe Quinones are aware of the Infinity Gauntlet’s absurdity, using it as inspiration for Howard The Duck’s Abundant Glove, a moderately dangerous accessory that will bring moderate doom to the universe unless the titular hero can find a way to stop it. Howard will need the help of the entire Marvel Universe if he’s going to succeed, and next week’s Howard The Duck #5 features a tidal wave of guest stars for a story bluntly titled “Super Hero Battle For The Fate Of New York And Possibly The World.”

This preview spotlights the creative team’s sharp sense of humor as Howard interacts with his superhero acquaintances, but the best thing about all the guest stars is that they give the art team the opportunity to draw a wide variety of Marvel characters. Joe Rivera’s inking has made Quinones’ art tighter than ever, and the inking becomes a family affair in this issue as Joe’s son, Eisner Award-winning artist Paolo Rivera, joins the team. Rico Renzi’s vibrant palette brings a lot of energy to the fight, and the strength of the art team has helped amplify the thrills and the laughs in Zdarsky’s scripts.

Cover by Joe Quinones
Variant cover by Howard Chaykin and Jesus Aburtov

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