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Exclusive Marvel preview: All-New Doop #4 presents a crisis of infinite Doops

Peter Milligan’s return to one of his strangest creations in the All-New Doop miniseries has proven just as weird as expected, inserting the green, potato-esque X-Man into last year’s “Battle Of The Atom” crossover for an absurd, meta-textual character study. Teaming with artist David Lafuente (with assists by Jacopo Camagni and Federico Santagati) and colorist Laura Allred, Milligan has taken readers on a madcap journey through the margins of a major comic-book event, and the cliffhanger of last month’s issue took an especially wild turn when Doop met his mother.

As promised by Mike Allred’s psychedelic cover, this preview of All-New Doop #4 offers an abundance of Doops, so get your Doop translators out. It also includes Doop’s mom, who looks like Doop with lipstick and Shirley Temple hair, and cameos by Tike “The Anarchist” Alicar and Edie “U-Go Girl” Sawyer as treats for fans of Milligan’s X-Force and X-Statix. It’s all very silly, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially when it’s brought to the page with the energy of Lafuente and Allred’s artwork.  


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