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Love is probably best known for its 1967 masterpiece, Forever Changes. Led by founder Arthur Lee, the psychedelic rock band released several albums throughout the late ’60s and early ’70s before disbanding. But the penultimate Love album, 1973’s Black Beauty, was shelved when the band’s record label went bankrupt. Although Lee died in 2006, High Moon Records rescued Black Beauty from obscurity by releasing it on vinyl in 2012. This week, High Moon is upping the ante by releasing a deluxe CD version of the album, complete with a 62-page booklet and six bonus tracks.

Included in the CD release are “Thomasine & Bushrod,” the theme song from the 1974 film of same name; three live tracks of previously released Love songs; an interview with Arthur Lee made shortly after these recording sessions were completed, and “L.A. Blues,” a recently unearthed track that even Lee’s widow didn’t know existed. Below find a streaming version of “L.A. Blues” and a track list for the deluxe version of Black Beauty.


1. Young & Able (Good & Evil)

2. Midnight Sun

3. Can’t Find It

4. Walk Right In

5. Skid

6. Beep Beep

7. Stay Away

8. Lonely Pigs

9. See Myself In You

10. Product Of The Times

Bonus Tracks

11. Thomasine & Bushrod

12. Arthur Lee Interview (1974)

13. Every Time I Look Up, I’m Down (Live)

14. Nothing (Live)

15. Keep On Shining (Live)

16. L.A. Blues

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