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Exclusive: Kyle Kinane and The Falcon are going on tour, here are the dates

The Falcon (Photo: Greg Pallante)
The Falcon (Photo: Greg Pallante)

Earlier this year, punk supergroup The Falcon released its second album, Gather Up The Chaps, and even dropped by our office for A.V. Undercover. The band’s been on the road steadily since then, and this fall will be embarking on a very special tour that will highlight The Falcon’s humorous side by having comedian Kyle Kinane join it for select dates. The Falcon will be doing some touring beforehand with Arms Aloft and Mikey Erg, then, starting on November 15, Kinane will join the band for a run of shows on the East Coast, Canada, and Midwest. The Falcon vocalist-guitarist Brendan Kelly and Kinane each had quotes to offer about the outing, both of which can be found below along with all the relevant dates and venues.


Brendan Kelly:

The whole idea behind The Falcon is to have as much fun as possible while still maintaining our status as the undeniably most whip-ass band in the world. Therefore, I can think of nothing better than teaming up with the mighty Kyle Kinane, a respected comedian, punk rocker, and shameless TV pitchman, to bring the very best evening of entertainment in the history of humanity to, uhhh… some of the Eastern U.S. and some pieces of Canada too, I think. Also, I think we’re doing a show on a boat. Can’t wait to see y’all.

Kyle Kinane:

You know how a band always has one member with no discernible musical talent who won’t shut up between songs and thinks he’s funnier than he really is? I always wanted to be that guy.

The Falcon Tour

9/15—The Frequency—Madison, WI (w/ Arms Aloft)
9/16—Triple Rock—Minneapolis, MN (w/ Arms Aloft)
9/17—Lyric Room—Green Bay, WI (w/ Break Anchor)
9/18—Riot Fest—Chicago, IL (w/ The Misfits)
11/9—American Bar & Grill—Lancaster, PA (w/ Mikey Erg, Arms Aloft)
11/10—DC9—Washington, DC (w/ Mikey Erg, Arms Aloft)
11/11—Crossroads—Garwood, NJ (w/ Mikey Erg, The Scandals, Arms Aloft)
11/12—Rocks Off Boat Cruise—New York City, NY (w/ Mikey Erg, Arms Aloft)
11/13—Underground Arts—Philadelphia, PA (w/ Mikey Erg, Arms Aloft)


The Falcon, Kyle Kinane, and Arms Aloft Tour

11/15—The Met—Pawtucket, RI
11/16—Katakombes—Montreal, QC
11/17—Zaphod’s—Ottawa, ON
11/18—Lee’s Palace—Toronto, ON
11/19—Club Absinthe—Hamilton, ON
11/20—The Loft—Lansing, MI
11/21—Northside Yacht Club—Cincinnati, OH
11/22—Ace Of Cups—Columbus, OH

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