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Exclusive Image Comics preview: Joe Casey gets mythical with Valhalla Mad #1

The work of Jack Kirby has been a regular inspiration for writer Joe Casey (see: his cosmic space epic Godland and current run on Captain Victory And The Galactic Rangers), and his upcoming Image Comics series Valhalla Mad turns to the King’s late work on The Mighty Thor as a guide. Focusing on three deities that come to New York City for a good time away from their lives as mythical warriors, the series looks to be built on the contrast of domestic and fantastic that Kirby often explored—an influence most heavily felt in the visuals by artist Paul Maybury.

In this exclusive first look at the cover and interior artwork for May’s Valhalla Mad #1, the spirit of Kirby can be strongly felt in Maybury’s vivid character designs and clean, balanced layouts. The arrival of the three lead characters is given big impact with a dramatic opening splash, and the surrounding pages detail the story clearly with smooth, symmetrical structures. Casey’s titles tend to have exceptional production design, and the cover for Valhalla Mad, intended to look like the weathered binding of an ancient text, is sure to make it stand out on comic store shelves.


Valhalla Mad is the latest project from Man Of Action, the creative studio and writers’ collective comprised of Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, and Steven T. Seagle. The studio has found considerable success in television, film, and video games, but the world of comics is where these creators can really pursue their impulses without any creative interference or budget concerns. The results have been particularly remarkable for Casey, whose ongoing series Sex is a fascinating, erotically charged dissection of the superhero genre. Valhalla Mad has all the making of another success for the creator.


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