Remember that popular show Breaking Bad, about the high school teacher who was diagnosed with cancer and then became a meth kingpin? Remember how it seemed like a spin-off prequel to that show about that meth kingpin’s lawyer, played by Bob Odenkirk, was sorta iffy? And then remember how that show actually turned out to be fantastic in its own right? If you don’t remember that (or if you do, I guess), you can now pick up that show, Better Call Saul, on Blu-ray. (Well, tomorrow. It comes out tomorrow.) The three-disc set includes a little “vinyl postcard” of the show’s theme song that you can play on your tiny record player, as well as tons of extra stuff, like cast and crew commentaries, a table read, “in conversation: Bob Odenkirk and Michael McKean,” and more. Here’s an exclusive look at one of the extras, an on-location bit from a particularly tense episode involving Mike Ehrmantraut. We might do a little “unboxing” of the DVD tomorrow on Periscope (@TheAVClub), so if you don’t follow us there, you should maybe start. No pressure, though.