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Exclusive: Hear Pete Davidson talk about “mom condoms” on his new album

In his new Comedy Central stand-up special Pete Davidson talks about how he lived everyone’s nightmare: He once received a box of condoms from his mom as a particularly awkward gift. Now you can hear an exclusive clip of that anecdote from the accompanying album right here.


Davidson, who lost his father on 9/11, explains that his mom “had to do a lot of weird shit” in the absence of a father figure. That includes buying her son probably far too many prophylactics. “I just wanted to be like, ‘Ma, who the fuck do you think your son is?’” he says. “I never even brought a friend home, what made you think I was out there like slinging pussy.” The special premieres on October 29. The album is currently available for preorder, and will be released November 1.

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