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Exclusive: Get a first look at Paul McCartney’s “Early Days” blues jam

From left to right: Al Williams, Misha Lindes, Johnny Depp, Roy Gaines, director Vincent Haycock, Paul McCartney, Henree Harris, Dale Atkins, Lil Poochie, Motown Maurice

Earlier this summer, Paul McCartney released the actual music video for “Early Days,” one of the best tracks off his latest record, New. Now he’s giving fans a look at some behind the scenes footage from that shoot, including a 29-minute jam session he had with some amazing blues guitarists (and Johnny Depp.) That clip won’t be made public until later today, but until then, A.V. Club readers can satiate themselves with this exclusive first look at a tight 45 seconds of that jam, below. It’s not as elaborate as the full hangout, obviously, but you’ll get glimpses of players like Al Williams, Misha Lindes, Roy Gaines, Henree Harris, Dale Atkins, Lil Poochie, and Motown Maurice. And some guy named McCartney’s in there too.

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