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Exclusive DC preview: Harley Quinn & Power Girl face off against a “Bighead Space-God”

A flashback miniseries that takes place between the gutter of two panels in a Harley Quinn issue released a year ago, Harley Quinn & Power Girl has thus far proven to be a very silly adventure for the titular pair, mining comedy from their buddy dynamic as Harley finds herself in a cosmic superhero situation that is far outside her wheelhouse. The threats have gotten bigger and bigger over the course of the story, and this week’s Harley Quinn & Power Girl #5 pits the heroines and their accomplices—including the scantily clad Vartox, who appeared in last week’s Supergirl pilot (albeit with much more clothing)—against the Harvester Of Sorrow, who gives this issue its title: “Bighead Space-God.” Writers Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Justin Gray have done strong work maintaining the irreverent tone of their work on the Harley Quinn and Power Girl solo series while delivering an exciting superhero action narrative, and these preview pages highlight the animated expression and kinetic movement of Stephane Roux’s appropriately exaggerated artwork. It’s a fun, goofy diversion, and the emphasis on humor is a big reason why Harley Quinn has become a breakout star of DC Comics.

Cover by Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts

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