American Dad!

TBS gave new life to the farcical comedy of American Dad! after Fox quietly canceled the animated series. The basic-cable network, which was already airing reruns of the Seth MacFarlane show, ordered two more seasons of it back in August 2015. Lucky #13 wrapped in June of this year, with a DJ battle and Stan and Hayley still at loggerheads. But TBS isn’t going to make fans wait until next year to catch up with Roger’s shenanigans—the network’s already teasing the return of the Smiths and their unusual roommates.


Courtesy of TBS

With the 14th season set to premiere on October 31, American Dad! could be gearing up for another Halloween-themed episode. Then again, the 31st falls on a Monday, which means we could just get another Garfield episode. Or maybe Steve will debut a new track inspired by D’Angelo and Oedipus.