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Excitable four-year-old girl narrates Starcraft 2

Playing Starcraft 2, what with all the bleep-bloops, is a already a sensory overload; not surprisingly, a 4-year-old girl narrating what happens as her father builds a Protoss city is a) hysterical, and b) precious beyond words. The girl freaks out at every little thing ("[Gasp!] The pylons make…two circles!"), and dad attempts to explain what's going on and what each building does. Which, I mean…maybe she'll use that knowledge someday?

One of the easiest ways to make a web video infinitely more entertaining is to layer a surprising commentary track over it. The Internet feeds off this unexpected synthesis. Take, for example, a video of some kid playing the first Game Boy Super Mario title: Alone it's boring, with drunk sound effects and belligerent shouting it's transcendent.


Actually, belligerence wins every time:

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