This car is perfect for quick trips to Milwaukee, the good land. (All photos: Barrett-Jackson)

Got $5,000? Then you’ve at least got part of a down payment for the Mirthmobile. According to Jalopnik, the Wayne’s World car is going up for auction this weekend as part of Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas auction, meaning some lucky honorary resident of Aurora, Illinois is going to walk away with the perfect place for their next “Bohemian Rhapsody” sing-along. Let’s just hope Barrett-Jackson takes cashier’s checks, even if they’re delivered by Benjamin, who, if made into an ice cream flavor, would be pralines and dick.

Pictures of the restored car are below, but you can really get into the nitty-gritty of what you’re not seeing in Barrett-Jackson’s excellent listing:

Modifications made for the film included baby blue paint over the original yellow exterior and brown interior, tow hooks welded to the front subframe, 1/4” steel plates welded to the rocker panels for camera supports, heater and air conditioning were removed, rear wheelhouses were modified to fit speaker boxes, a hole was drilled in the roof for the famous licorice dispenser, flame decals were added, and components were removed from the inner dash to accommodate the cup dispenser and a door mechanism above the sealed-off glove box. The studio also went with a purposely-mismatched wheel combination of chrome-spoked wheels in the rear and factory hubcaps in the front. Every effort was made in the car’s extensive restoration to bring it back to its movie condition… The only parts of the restoration not true to the movie are the upgraded speakers and stereo (the 10” restoration speakers are not functional as there never was an amp in the car). The stereo system is operational, however, and ready for you to do your own rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody.’’ All the props inside the car are original.

Try not to hit the bumper when you’re pulling into the drive-thru at Mikita’s.
Illinois license plate not included.
Dana Carvey’s butt was right there.


To the Gasworks!
This is where Phil almost honked.
Are those Twizzlers? Unacceptable. Licorice must be dispensed in one long rope.


It’s unclear what the included props are, though hopefully they’re a spew-ready Dixie cup, a Cassandra-approved CD player for all your Crucial Taunt records, and at least one appropriately crusty package of 20-year-old red rope licorice.