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Ewan McGregor joining New Line's own dark fairy tale, Jack The Giant Killer

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New Line’s upcoming, Bryan Singer-directed Jack The Giant Killer—which draws inspiration from the classic fairy tale Jack And The Beanstalk according to most sources (although some commenters have pointed out that Jack The Giant Killer is its own separate fairy tale), yet defies all of your humdrum expectations by giving it a dark retelling—is close to signing Ewan McGregor to play one of its key roles, a leader of the king’s elite guard who joins the fight between humans and giants. This version of Jack And The Beanstalk—which is, again, dark and retold—will find Bill Nighy and former Crypt Keeper John Kassir playing the two-headed ruler of the giants, one of whom kidnaps a princess and spurs a farm boy (Nicholas Hoult) to go after her. Stanley Tucci is also signed on to play one of the key villains, an advisor to the human king who wants to usurp the throne, and presumably does so by looking down his glasses at him and saying drily bitchy things. The film has yet to find its princess, although producers are said to be considering Australian actress Adelaide Kane and Eleanor Tomlinson from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, which started this whole dark fairy tale craze in the first place. Dark Thumbelina, still up for grabs, y'all.


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