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Ewan McGregor ditches Piers Morgan after Morgan derides Women’s March

Ewan McGregor (Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The press rounds for T2 Trainspotting are sending the sequel’s leads all over the world, but Good Morning Britain is one stop Ewan McGregor won’t be making. The actor, who’s reprising his role as Renton, was scheduled to drop by the British talk show. But when he learned he’d be sitting down with Piers Morgan—who spent the weekend bashing the D.C. Women’s March, ostensibly on the good authority of all the “real feminists” he seems to know—McGregor backed out of the appearance.

Such insolence was not to be borne by Morgan, who called out McGregor for not wanting to debate him on feminism during a talk show appearance (which, to be fair, neither one of them really has any business doing).

The talk show host and Daily Mail columnist showed his trademark restraint and reporting skills by calling McGregor a “child rapist sympathizer” because he’s something of a Roman Polanski apologist. Morgan’s timeline is now replete with repeat accusations of this nature, but McGregor hasn’t responded.

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