Though the lead-up to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories portrayed the now-unmasked duo as forward-thinking, genre-eschewing robotic geniuses, the album really just mines the past for their favorite sounds. “Get Lucky” has Nile Rodgers disco-funk guitar, and now intrepid YouTube PV Nova user has put together a remix that travels through time with the song. "Evolution Of Get Lucky" travels through every decade of the 20th century to imagine what "Get Lucky" would sound like if it was a hit at that time. It starts out in the 1920s—when the instrumental version of the song sounds a bit like the opening to Stars’ “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead”—and moves on through delta bluesy styles and big band sounds. In the 1950s it apes “Rock Around The Clock” and Elvis, then spaces out in the 1960s before hitting the best section in a 1970s style. The krautrock-influenced '80s and “I’m Too Sexy” segments aren’t as fun, but it’s still a good little history lesson using a hit song in three minutes.