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Most people are blessed with some sort of interlocutor between their basest impulses and their actions. When faced with a decision between the easiest and most delicious course of action and the one that is harder but morally better, we weigh the options. Freud famously thought this struggle was the basis for all human action and called the voice telling you to “do what thou wilt” the id.

The internet calls it Evil Kermit. A still making the rounds from 2014’s Muppets Most Wanted shows the beloved frog happening upon an evil, sith lord version of himself. Twitter users have repurposed it to explore their basest desires. Evil Kermit is a wonderful piece of shit, here to help you make the world a worse place.

KnowYourMeme traces its origin to this post from two weeks ago:

me: sees a fluffy dog
me to me: steal him

— dried apricot hater (@aaannnnyyyyaaaa) November 6, 2016

In the past two weeks, countless others have stared deep into the mirror and reported back what their hooded, shadow selves decreed. Evil Kermit has shit relationship advice:


Evil Kermit is all of your insecurities:


Evil Kermit is an obnoxious asshole on the internet:


Evil Kermit is all of your bad habits:


Evil Kermit is first lady-elect Melania Trump:


Perhaps most chillingly, Evil Kermit is millennial reggae-pop star Shaggy:

There is no escaping Evil Kermit. You can see many more examples of his malevolence on Twitter.


[via New York]