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Evil Dead remake director Fede Álvarez to produce Halloween-style Texas Chain Saw Massacre revival

A wax Leatherface
Photo: David McNew (Getty Images)

Forget remakes and reboots: The hot thing in Hollywood now is apparently direct sequels that go back to what people like about older movies without literally retelling the exact same story—just the same basic story. Halloween was big and the new Terminator looks promising, and they both jettisoned the bad sequels in their respective series to go back and focus on what made the first few entries so good, so now Legendary Entertainment has apparently gotten jealous enough to start developing one of these “forget the other sequels!” sequels of its own. According to Bloody Disgusting, the studio has enlisted Don’t Breathe and Evil Dead remake director Fede Álvarez to put together a new Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie that will be a sequel to Tobe Hooper’s original movie from 1974—and not the 30 other Texas Chain Saw movies that have come out in the decades since.

Bloody Disgusting also says that original Texas Chain Saw screenwriter and producer Kim Henkel now controls the rights to that movie, so this—much like Halloween and Terminator: Dark Fate—is at least being made with some involvement from the original creators, even if Hooper, original Leatherface actor Gunnar Hansen, and original “final girl” Marilyn Burns have all died in the last few years. Álvarez will not be directing this sequel himself, with Bloody Disgusting saying he’s currently looking for a filmmaker to take over the actual filmmaking.


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