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Evil clearly won, because Disney is making a Maleficent sequel

Despite an ending more toothless than Diaval in raven form, it appears that Maleficent has conjured enough dark magic for evil to prevail. That’s the operating theory, anyway, since according to The Hollywood Reporter, the Angelina Jolie-starring live-action film is getting a sequel. Clearly, the nefarious forces of hell are hard at work.

Also, Disney must be pretty happy with the decision to transform the witch from a malevolent villain into a blandly helpful advisor to Aurora, because they hired original screenwriter Linda Woolverton to pen the sequel as well. Woolverton seems to be the new go-to writer for the company at this point, having also scripted the upcoming Alice In Wonderland sequel, which hopefully will be titled Alice Through The Much Less Garishly Day-Glo Nightmare Looking Glass. Jolie is not confirmed to return, though the original movie might give her some reasons to come back. Specifically, a chunk of the 758.4 million reasons it generated in revenue.


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