Sucker Punch

While our own critics mustered some faint praise for Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman, that over-stuffed parade of homogenized heroes is downright sensical when compared to Snyder’s 2011 film, Sucker Punch.

CinemaSins is no stranger to applying the cruel metric of logic to movies stricken with plot holes, inconsistencies, derivative directing, and lazy writing. It’s a good thing the amount of time it spends on any given film isn’t directly proportional to its WTF quotient, otherwise this entry would at least match Sucker Punch’s entire running time.

“Everything Wrong With Sucker Punch In 14 Minutes Or Less” sends the host on the thankless journey of plumbing the depths of a movie that is offensive on several levels. From the drab palette (and characters) and cliche cinematic beats, to the schoolgirl fetish passing itself off as an empowerment fable, Sucker Punch has something for everyone to find objectionable.


Some of the criticisms might sound unfair, such as overlooking the role of dream logic and physics. But CinemaSins’ mockery of the way the movie handles its own Inception-modeled dream levels speaks to the fact that these narratives don’t have much to do with each other. In fact, Sucker Punch seems to exist only for itself, operating on the premise that that giant, gatling gun-wielding Samurai monsters look super cool, and that hooker ballerinas sure are sexy. And why wouldn’t a victim of abuse hide within a veritable set of Russian nesting dolls of subconscious states, so that they can act out somebody else’s steampunk-warrior/sex-worker fantasies? If all of this is a mind-maze for Babydoll to find her escape, there are probably less demeaning and boring mazes she could visualize for herself.

[via Laughing Squid]