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Everything old is new again: Nokia is bringing back an indestructible early ’00s phone

(Photo: SSPL/Getty Images)

Take notice, everyone who can’t figure out how an iPhone works: Nokia is going to start manufacturing its 3310 candybar phone again. The phone, which Boing Boing notes “is said to be the most reliable phone ever made,” was first introduced around the turn of the century, when texting was merely a novel concept and not a way of life. Nokia will launch the phone in at a conference in Barcelona later this month, and Venture Beat says the phone could be a good buy for “nostalgic former owners for use as a second phone,” just in case you weren’t carrying around enough stuff already. The phone will cost about $62, and could be a great Christmas present for your grandma, who can then keep it under her seat in the car “just in case,” but never charge it, thus making it essentially worthless.

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