Image: Iam8bit

Eventually, every movie will have a sequel, or it will get a gritty reboot that is named after an unexpected character, or someone will envision all of its characters as like little kids, preparing to be in the movie you already know, or a spiritual sequel will be Kickstarted, or it will be remixed on YouTube or remade starring dogs. The things you know are safe, and therefore better than the things you don’t know. It is fun to see them; it is fun to pay for them.

That being said: Sequels are fun! Especially if you liked the original thing. It’s like a second cheeseburger, after you’ve already eaten a cheeseburger. The Los Angeles-based art gallery Iam8bit has indulged this desire for a second cheeseburger by creating movie posters for some of the most beloved cheeseburgers (movies) of all time. The show is called Sequel 2 because it is a sequel to a previous art show called Sequel. But why not, here’s some more E.T.:

This Furiosa-centric sequel to Fury Road is reportedly actually happening, thank God:

These ones probably will not happen:


Envision, with wonder, a room full of Jeff Goldblums stuttering over each other:


The artists are unafraid of tackling some all-time classics:


Nor are they afraid of tackling movies that never even got made:

This one just looks great:


Iam8bit will be displaying these and many other fictional film posters through December 23. You can RSVP to the opening reception here and buy museum-quality prints starting tomorrow evening here.

Here’s looking forward to Sequel 3 in 2018, followed by the gritty reboot Reboot in 2023.