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Everyone's stuck in the middle in the newest Marriage Story trailer

In a film that is already generating a hefty amount of Oscar buzz, Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story examines the fall of Nicole (Scarlett Johannsen) and Charlie (Adam Driver). The initial teasers were a his-and-hers account of what made their relationship work—specifically, what they liked about each other. The newest trailer, however, takes on the gut-punching aspects of divorce.

The clip, which premiered on The Ellen Show, shows how their separation leaves those around them—most importantly, their young son—in the middle, an inherent side effect that comes with the untangling of two very enmeshed lives. Nicole’s mother has a difficult time dimming her friendship with her daughter’s soon-to-be ex while Charlie grapples with the idea of no longer being a fully present parent to his child. Glimpses of a therapy session and Charlie and Nicole’s courtroom proceedings promises a tough, emotionally compromising watch. Marriage Story made its premiere at the Venice Film Festival this August and will have a limited theatrical release starting November 6. The film will head to Netflix exactly one month later, December 6. The cast also includes Laura Dern, Alan Alda, Ray Liotta, and Merritt Wever.

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