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Everyone who doubts Arya is getting added to her list

[Spoilers for Game Of Thrones season 8, episode 3.]

The epic battle in this week’s Game Of Thrones culminated in a rather triumphant and entirely badass moment for Arya—one you could say the HBO series has been building to for several seasons. But some viewers were quick to cry “Mary Sue!” on Twitter, arguing that there’s no way in hell this teenage girl could pull off something so remarkable, despite the fact that she’s literally been training for combat since the first season, when she was only eight or nine years old. Instead of arguing with these Arya-detractors on Twitter, consider sending them a link to the latest installment of “Game Of Phones” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where Maisie Williams revealed exactly what she thinks of people (yeah, Todd) who don’t believe she’s worthy of such a pivotal and rad moment.


That’s right—you’re getting added to her famous list of all the people she’s going to assassinate, and would you look at that? There are several names already crossed off because, as Game Of Thrones has proven time and again, Arya is indeed a badass motherfucker. And if the speculation surrounding Melisandre’s exchange with Arya in this week’s intense episode is to be believed, she’s coming for Cersei Lannister next—after she takes care of this Todd fellow.

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