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Everyone from the Breaking Bad cast took prop mementos from the set

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While many of the Breaking Bad props—from Hector Salamanca’s bell to the infamous copy of Leaves Of Grass—were offered up for auction on Screenbid, but some items were too precious to let go home with just anyone. Each of the main cast members managed to procure a few things before the show wrapped, and they've spilled the details to Entertainment Weekly on just what they took to remember the show by.


Bryan Cranston took Walt’s Heisenberg hat and sunglasses. Aaron Paul snagged Jesse’s “THE CAPN” license plate and another Heisenberg hat, and Vince Gilligan reportedly promised him the scorched pink teddy bear (presumably, a different version than the one that's for sale). Anna Gunn got one of the White family portraits hanging in the hallway of the family home, and put in a request for those ridiculous duck figurines on their coffee table. Dean Norris had none of Hank’s qualms about keeping Tuco’s grill, but he’s also got the axe the cousins brought along when trying to kill Hank, and a DEA bomber jacket.

In true Marie Schrader form, Bentsy Brandt nicked the tchotchke Marie stole from the open house, taking it without telling anyone. And Bob Odenkirk received a Saul Goodman bus stop bench ad, but says he couldn’t take anything else since it’s all in storage for the spin-off.

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