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Everybody who's anybody is involved with Netflix's The Devil All The Time

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If you’re wondering why Netflix suddenly jacked up its prices again, the answer may have something to do with the cast of The Devil All The Time. The movie is based on the Donald Ray Pollock’s novel of the same name, and it’s set in a weird and creepy small town where “a storm of faith, violence, and redemption brews,” centering on the son of a man who thinks sacrificing animals will help his dying wife. As for the cast, it’ll feature Eliza Scanlen from Sharp Objects, Bill Skarsgård from It, Mia Wasikowska from Crimson Peak, Robert Pattinson from that upcoming Robert Eggers movie where he gets sprayed with water, Tony-winner Gabriel Ebert, Tom Holland from The Avengers, and Chris Evans who is also from The Avengers. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the producers and he’s friends with Spider-Man now. Beat that, every other movie that is not about the Avengers.


Anyway, The Devil All The Time will be directed by Antonio Campos, and it will be coming to Netflix at some point in the future.

[via Variety]

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