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Everybody should probably just forget about Michael Kenneth Williams being in Django Unchained now

When Quentin Tarantino first began prepping his film about a determined, pissed-off freed slave on a bloody path of revenge, the Internet quickly rallied behind one of its favorite African-American actors: Donald Glover. Michael Kenneth Williams, because of The Wire, just watch it already. And while Williams ultimately lost out to Jamie Foxx, Tarantino similarly has seen The Wire, and thus he set to work creating an all-new role—described as the “muscle” charged with keeping folks in line at Leonardo DiCaprio’s slave plantation—a part that would specifically take advantage of Williams’ stoic ferocity, and appease the many fans who’d spend the past few months lobbying for him to be included.

But never mind: Just as quickly as Deadline declared that this work had begun, everything fell apart, with Williams reportedly backing out due to conflicts with his Boardwalk Empire schedule. So now Tarantino has scrapped that prospective role entirely, so it seems like everyone can finally stop demanding that Williams be in Django Unchained and just let it go. If it’s any consolation, Williams does have time for a role as the short-tempered drug kingpin who tangles with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Snitch, by which we mean it’s probably not any consolation.


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