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Everybody Loves Raymond is taking over the world, gets sixth international spinoff

If Ray Romano is currently masterminding a sinister, Halloween III-esque plot to brainwash the entire world into accepting him as its nasal-voiced leader (and we’re not saying he is, just that he could), he’s doing a great job. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Everybody Loves Raymond is currently in the process of being developed for Czech TV, the sixth international adaptation of Romano’s sitcom.

Everybody Loves Raymond has also been adapted for Russia, where it’s called The Voronins; Egypt, where it’s called Close Doors; Israel, where it’s called You Can’t Choose Your Family; The Netherlands, where it’s called Everybody Is Crazy About Jack; and the UK, where a pilot (and only a pilot) was filmed under the name The Smiths. (A dubbed version of Everybody Loves Raymond also aired briefly on Polish TV, but was pulled after four episodes.) This one will be called Everybody Loves Rudy, and, according to Czech Television producer Jan Stern, will work because overbearing parents meddling in their children’s affairs are “typical of many Czech families.”


No additional international versions of Everybody Loves Raymond have been announced at this time, but are inevitable, assuming mothers-in-law are a pain in the ass in India as well.

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