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Everybody is making the same joke about Dark Rey kicking Kylo Ren's ass

Screenshot: Star Wars: Rise Of The Skywalker (YouTube)

The D23 footage of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker blew plenty of people’s minds, specifically with its tease of a red-saber-wielding “Dark Rey.” For many, this spells doom, but for others? Let’s just say they’re loving the idea of a Dark Rey potentially kicking the hell out of Kylo Ren. Dark Rey is a look, people. Of course, odds are it’s just a vision, or a clone, but on the off chance that Dark Rey does rise, Kylo Ren is toast.

What’s even funnier is that Kylo called it already, and that’s something fans are running with, too.


Rey’s demonstrated a massive amount of power since The Force Awakens, something Kylo Ren has sensed and something he’s also seemed to be thrown off by. After training very briefly with Luke and, perhaps, training with Leia in this one, she’ll be nothing short of a formidable foe to Kylo. Unless, of course, they team up, which, c’mon.


Yeah, it’d be nice if good triumphs over evil in the end, but if a real Dark Rey means more footage of her deft, intimidating lightsaber twirling, it won’t be the end of the world. It will, however, be the end of sadboi Kylo. 

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