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Everybody hates Andy Dick

Continuing his rapid decline from mildly amusing trainwreck to out-and-out social pariah, Andy Dick extended his reign of Andy Dick-ishness last weekend to Columbus, OH, where his appearance at the Funny Bone was ranked by the owner as "one of the worst experiences with a performer in the history of the club." In the course of his "act," Dick reportedly made inappropriate comments on stage, groped patrons, took women with him into the men's room, and then urinated on the floor and "at least one patron." Dick's lack of housebreaking got him into trouble again the next morning, where he was issued a citation for urinating on the sidewalk. So here comes the eternal Andy Dick question: Is all of this—including his recent row with Jon Lovitz—some elaborate, Kaufman-esque piece of performance art meant to shake us out of our collective stupor (maybe by challenging the stifling fascism of toilets)? Or is Dick just an unfunny asshole with a coke problem? Discuss.

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