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These days, you can’t be a somebody unless you have a podcast, whether it’s about reviewing bad movies with your annoying friends, recapping every episode of a TV show, or just shooting the shit with your aforementioned annoying friends. Now, even Ron Burgundy from the Anchorman movies has a podcast, with iHeartRadio sending out a press release today announcing that The Ron Burgundy Podcast will be launching its first 12-episode season in “early 2019" as a co-production between it and Funny Or Die, with a second season coming later in the year.

The aforementioned press release is very jokey, as you can expect, but that means we’re left with a lot of questions about this. For starters, are we to assume that this podcast takes place in 2018? The first movie was set in the ‘70s, and if we assume Ron was a similar age as Will Ferrell was when he made the movie, that would put him in his mid-70s in 2018—and that’s assuming he inexplicably survived this long, which would be weird considering all of the fistfights he gets into with rival networks.


On the other hand, if the show is set a few decades ago like the movies, then it will predate the very idea of a podcast, thus establishing an alternate reality in which the podcast boom happened in the ‘80s. Would pre-teen Scott Aukerman be handing out episodes of Comedy Bang Bang on cassette tapes? Would we all be getting advice from My Brother, My Brother Who Hasn’t Been Born Yet, And Me? Would Serial be trying to solve what happened to all of that beef, like in the Wendy’s commercial?

As usual, we’re overthinking this.

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