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Everybody can relax, Paul Feig has found the car for his new Ghostbusters


Paul Feig continues to deploy his subtle mastery of the social media tease, trickling out tidbits of information about his new Ghostbusters, which is set to star Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones as the rebooted version of the paranormal team. Previously, he taunted fans with shots of the heroes’ jumpsuits and equipment, accompanying them with the hashtag #whatyougonnawear. Now, he’s revealed a picture of the most important character in the film, at least for those viewers who prize converted hearses over dialogue, human relationships, or jokes:


Yep, it’s the new film’s version of Ecto-1, the siren-blaring junker the team uses to ferry themselves to supernatural incidents (and also sell millions of toys to plastic-loving kids.) The picture was apparently met with some negative feedback, though, despite the car clearly only needing some suspension work and shocks. And brakes, brake pads, lining, steering pads, and a bunch of other things directly lifted from the first movie, in what hopefully won’t be the pattern followed by Feig’s new film. Anyway, some fans didn’t like the look of the car, to which the director responded by saying he was open to and appreciative of all the feedback, despite open-sourcing car design to the common man inevitably leading to this:

In any case, it’s interesting to speculate where this #gonna line of Twitter reveals is leading to; the obvious answer, of course, being a full cast photo tagged #whoyougonnacall. But that could still be weeks away, with tantalizing questions like #wheretheygonnalive (presumably, a converted firehouse that looks almost identical to the one from the first film), #whotheygonnafight (Neil Casey), or #whoseunnecessarysequelyougonnablithelyignore (Dan Aykroyd’s) still to come.

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