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Everybody bought the Star Wars Blu-ray anyway

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With fans trudging to their local big-box retailers in a hypnagogic state and clicking through the Amazon pre-orders out of pure muscle memory, the Star Wars: Nooooo Puppets Edition set has already become the biggest-selling Blu-ray title of all time, shattering all debut records by earning around $84 million in sales and moving over 1 million units in its first week of release. (Though granted, Blu-ray is a relatively young format, so it didn't have much of a bar to hurdle.) Around 515,000 copies of those hefty nine-disc sets were sold right here in North America, the continent that had spent most of the weeks beforehand with its collective arms crossed, loudly complaining that it would never support George Lucas’ latest digital tinkering or that thing he did to Darth Vader. “Methinks you doth protest too much, continent,” Lucas said, tantalizingly dangling a disc with deleted Empire Strikes Back footage where Han Solo is kind of a dick to Princess Leia. And so, without even being aware of what they were doing, Star Wars fans marched to the window and cast their outdated DVD sets into the streets, where they will be collected and set adrift on the same perpetually wandering barge as all their misfit format predecessors.


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