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Every Which Way But Loose is getting a remake

Every Which Way But Loose

According to Deadline, a remake of the hit 1978 Clint Eastwood comedy Every Which Way But Loose is in the works, finally answering the prayers of America’s many orangutan actors. Original director James Fargo is on board as a producer, which means this should be reasonably faithful to the Which Way But Loose series’ canon (and may even include some elements from the Which Way But Loose expanded universe that we assume exists).

The remake will be directed by Anthony Cohen, who wrote, produced, and directed The Sex Trip, a 2015 comedy that Fargo was “very impressed” by according to a statement given to Deadline. No casting details for the Every Which Way But Loose remake have been announced, but seeing as how Scott Eastwood has been desperate for a breakout role that might convince people he’s as cool as his dad, maybe he should get in the running for this.


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