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Every show from the most recent "Weird Al" tour is now available for streaming

Photo: Neilson Barnard (Getty Images)

Since the beginning of the year, “Weird Al” Yankovic has been doing a series of stripped-down performances for his “Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour,” with the basic idea being that he cuts out all of wacky stunts and costume-changes that are usually a staple of his energetic live shows. Plus, in an attempt to cater to the truly hardcore fans, he promised that he would only be playing his original songs, not the famous parodies that everybody loves. Today, all 77 of those shows are available for streaming on Stitcher Premium, the podcast platform that almost always has new episodes of your favorite shows on or around the day they’re supposed to come out.

The Stitcher website says all of these live shows are “professionally mixed and mastered, so if you close your eyes and picture yourself surrounded by dudes in fading “Eat It” t-shirts cheering for “Albuquerque,” it’ll be just like you’re really there. You’ll need to have a Stitcher Premium subscription in order to hear these concerts, since they’re behind the dreaded paywall, but Yankovic shared a code for a free month on Twitter.


(Also, spoiler alert, it seems like Yankovic ended every show with a medley of parodies, so you’ll still get a chance to hear a few of the hits.)

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