I'm not sure many of you remember that Home Box Office television program called The Wire. I mean, it wasn't really loved by critics and it never had much of a fervent fan base. But for those few of you who caught the show while it was on—likely between marathon anticipation sessions for the yet-to-debut Whitney—this video montage will shed some highly specific light. The show put a quote at the end of each episode's opening credits, which would be spoken by one of the characters by episode's end. Usually by the time that happened, I'd forgotten what the quote even was. (Yeah, I'm one of those viewers who watched The Wire BUT DON'T WORRY I STILL LOVES ME SOME WHITNEY!) Thanks to the below video, which compiles all those spoken moments into two-and-a-half minutes, I can no longer wonder what it sounds like when deep philosophical things are said back-to-back. Oh, also, there's Wallace!