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Every punch thrown by Jason Statham in a movie ever

Jason Statham likes to punch things (particularly people). He also likes to kick things (also generally people), but for now the focus is merely on Statham’s love for punching. Using 26 films from his filmography—either those are the only ones with punching or the only ones available for the count—Burger Fiction has assembled a supercut of every fist thrown by the U.K. wrecking machine. Burger Fiction also kept a running tally and came up with a total of 264 punches thrown. That’s roughly 10.15 punches per film, not too shabby, especially when Gnomeo And Juliet is one of the 26 films included.

Burger Fiction goes deep into the Statham archive for the punch count, including lesser known Statham films like John Carpenter’s Ghosts Of Mars and the prison soccer film Mean Machine. The result is a brutal supercut of man who really knows how to throw a punch.

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