This morning's Variety, which we like to read each morning while lounging in robes around the A.V. Club pool, has an item on two forthcoming sequels to be shot in 3D. One seems obvious, the other less so. On the obvious front: Zombieland 2. But also, Jackass 3.

On the other hand, that kind of does make sense, doesn't it? Jackass has long been an endurance test for its audience as well as its stars, so making viewers sit through some of the more difficult stretches in 3D sort of makes sense.

This follows news of a Friday The 13th sequel in 3D. That would be the series' second 3D entry, having previously coughed up a 3D movie the last time the format became a small mania for Hollywood in the early-'80s.


Rumors of a 3D Antichrist sequel with comin' atcha bloody semen action remain unconfirmed at this time.