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"Mister falcon!"

Swearing is an art form. In the right potty mouth, cuss words reverberate like poetry, and Samuel L. Jackson has proven to be one of the most prolific at being profane (non-Susie Essman division). Luckily, there’s now a video memorializing his extensive work in furthering the field of how to deploy an F-bomb. Over at The Huffington Post, Oliver Noble and Ben Craw have assembled a supercut of every time Jackson has said (or more likely screamed) “motherfucker” in a movie.

Based on their research, the once and future Nick Fury has dropped 171 “motherfuckers” across 27 films—with the greatest offenders being Jackie Brown (37), Pulp Fiction (26), and, surprisingly, Soul Men (24, two of which are bleeped). Each of these have led to some intense ADR sessions where Jackson has substituted his catchphrase with such gems as “melon farmer,” “Monday to Friday,” and “monkey fighting.” The video is pretty clearly NSFW, unless your work is totally cool with three-and-a-half minutes of a dude screaming obscenities.

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