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Every issue of Nintendo Power magazine is now up on the internet

Image: Nintendo Power

For those looking for the hottest tips in gaming, the internet has some good news: Every issue of Nintendo Power that was published from 1988 to 2001 have now been added to Archive.org and are available to read. Learn the secrets to Super Mario Bros. 2! Read about the upcoming releases for the summer of 1990! Behold crudely drawn comics of Battletoads and other assorted Nintendo characters.


Those interested in the retro gaming era will find lots to digest here, able to read page after page of the Nintendo magazine and learn strategies for games long since abandoned (well, except for emulators and those games lucky enough to earn a remastered version). But for those looking to finally put that smug Lucas and his Power Glove in his place, Nintendo Power was the source of all such hidden information. No news on if there will soon be an online equivalent of the wisdom imparted by game-play counselors that were advertised in the magazine, but players can probably turn to Google or YouTube for their walk-through hints. Head on over to Archive.org to start swimming in nostalgia and remember the bygone era of magazine publishing, the NES system, and perfect corporate synergy pitched to children.

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