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Every episode is a Very Special Episode on Sid & Nancy—The Sitcom

Heroin addiction and murder are atypical sitcom fare, to say the least. But it’s just another day in the writer’s room on Sid & Nancy—The Sitcom, a vision of life in a parallel TV universe imagined by Las Vegas-based supercut specialist Robert Jones. In Jones’ world, the death of Nancy Spungen (allegedly) at the hands of her doped-up boyfriend Sid Vicious is not the stuff of punk legend, but the basis for a primetime sitcom that would probably air between Who’s The Boss? and Head Of The Class. To prove his point, Jones has cut a title sequence for the show, set to the wholesome and decidedly anti-punk rock sounds of the Growing Pains theme. All it’s missing are the “wooooooo”s from the studio audience when Sid and Nancy kiss.

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