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Screenshot: The Song Of Ice And Fire (We Didn’t Start The Fire parody (YouTube)

[Warning: Spoilers for Game Of Thrones. Duh.]

If you’re one of the many Game Of Thrones fans struggling to recall every plot detail that brought us to this week’s season eight premiere, save yourself a binge and refresh yourself on every kill in just under five minutes. Written by YouTuber Tristan Gough with music by Ryan Carroll (albeit heavily inspired by Billy Joel), this song recounts every on-screen death over the course of the series to the tune of “We Didn’t Start The Fire.”

For such a bloody, murder-filled show as Game Of Thrones, this is a truly Herculean feat. Not only does Gough manage to get all the big names in there (Ned Stark, Joffrey, Oberyn Martell), he also manages to call out most of the nameless extras that have been slaughtered over the years. Some of these get lumped into large, identifiable groups, like everyone cut down at the Battle of the Bastards, but a few specific nobodies get name checked individually. Surely, we all remember beloved characters like “Wedding Guest” and “This Guy.”


Of course, this song won’t get you completely caught up on everything that’s happened. Game Of Thrones isn’t entirely about people dying. There’s also something, something, Tower Of Joy. Ok, you’re all caught up now.

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