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Ever-witty Chris Brown calls Aziz Ansari “Aladdin” in response to SNL joke

(Photo: Getty Images, Scott Legato)

On this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, host Aziz Ansari compared Donald Trump supporters to Chris Brown fans, saying the way they continue to stick with him despite all of the ugliness is a lot like someone saying they like Brown’s music but “don’t condone the extracurriculars.” It is, in other words, a pretty thin justification.

Apparently, though, Brown really didn’t appreciate being hit by this joke. As reported by Fact Magazine, Brown responded to the joke in Ansari’s SNL monologue by sharing an angry post on his Instagram account that refers to the comedian as “Aladdin”—a reference to the Disney movie of the same name and the Middle Eastern folktale it was based on. (Ansari is Indian-American.) It also happens to be overtly racist in a way that you don’t usually see from someone whose Instagram name doesn’t include a frog emoji.


Fact says he later posted a video complaining about how he “can’t catch a fucking break” and saying that he might leave the country, so that’d be nice.

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