Tour cancellations—they’re so hot right now. Hot on the heels of U2 and Limp Bizkit scrapping their summer plans, Christina/Xtina Baja Blast Aguilera has announced that she is postponing her own 20-date tour until at least 2011, in order to give herself more time to rehearse the songs from her upcoming Bionic. Just to be on the safe side, Aguilera’s reps also cited prior commitments to her upcoming film, Burlesque, which she's been shooting since last year and yet apparently forgot all about while booking those shows. And while those both of those sound like perfectly reasonable excuses (to make during the many months leading up to even considering the prospect of touring), some of the more cynical among us might look at the last-minute cancellation as a reflection of poor advance ticket sales, or the complete vacuum of interest that greeted her recent single “Not Myself Tonight,” or the mockery that greeted that song’s video, which finds a latex-clad Aguilera on all fours licking a dog bowl in an image that is in no way meant to be read as a visual metaphor for desperation. But no, that's probably not it. She probably just really, really wants to put on a good show.