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Ever-eloquent Trump denounces Republican healthcare bill as “mean, mean, mean”

(Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Ever the master of the well-honed rhetorical flourish, President Donald Trump has expressed his discontent with House Republicans’ American Health Care Act, denouncing it as “mean, mean, mean.” That’s per one source quoted by the Associated Press, which reports that Trump is asking the Senate to draft something more “generous” to the American people, presumably by easing up on cuts to programs like Medicare that help and assist the poor. Another source slightly disagreed, though, saying that Trump actually used a “a vulgar phrase” to characterize the House bill. (It’s not clear which one, although “fucking heartless,” “bastardly bad,” and good old-fashioned “piece of shit” all come rapidly to mind.)

This is the first we’ve heard of Trump being down on the Obamacare-killing bill, which he aggressively supported back when it was fitfully making its way through the House. Apparently, though, he feels it’s not nice or “kind” enough, and is presumably worried that the American people will call him “a doody-head” on the playground if he’s forced by political pressure to sign it into law.


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