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Even Prince’s final resting place is funky

Photo: People Magazine

Although the fate of his estate is still very much in question—last we checked in late last month, prospective heirs were still lining up to claim a share of the fortune left behind by the late musical legend—at least one of Prince’s final affairs has been settled. His remains have been housed in a custom urn designed by his sister Tyka Nelson and his nephew President Nelson, and it’s as funky and eccentric as one would hope Prince’s final resting place would be.


The urn is a replica of Prince’s suburban Minneapolis estate, Paisley Park, emblazoned with his signature symbol—which was also his name for a while—covered in seven iridescent crystals. It opens to reveal a miniature version of the grand atrium, complete with a tiny purple piano on which Prince’s spirit can eternally dance in high-heeled boots, pain-free. The interior also has tiny white ornamental doves and a tile floor, and is lit from inside. (To answer the natural question that arises when viewing something like this: His ashes are sealed in the front column of the building.)

The urn is currently on display in the full-sized version of Paisley Park, which opened for the first of three pre-scheduled tours last Thursday. After those tours are completed, though, the estate will close temporarily on orders of the Chanhassen, MN city council, to re-open sometime after the council votes on zoning permits for a planned Paisley Park museum in December.

[via People]

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